Malaysia Renovation Materials

Formica, Veneer, Acrylic, P.U Paint. Confusing terms for Malaysia renovation materials to the layman but by using these we can transform your kitchen and home to look astonishing with practical, comfortable and quality stay. Using only the best for our Malaysia renovation materials, you can be well assured that you will not need to invest any more in the near future! Read on to know more about what exactly are in the compositions and what it is often used for.

Each products listed below comes in different pricetag. This page is for educational purposes only as all materials listed above may vary in quality and price. It is important that you consult your local kitchen cabinet or countertop installer for more information as they will explain it to you in a much more detailed manner.


This is a layer of high pressured laminated Malaysia renovation materials which will be attached on raw wood. There are various designs and patterns for formica in the renovation market and you can choose to have a smooth surface with a wood grain print or if you prefer the latter; which brings out a much more realistic feel of authenthic wood, you can opt for 3D formica. Please take note that formica is a manufactured product and not to be confused as natural product as it can easily replicate even granite designs, or produce high glossy effect in any colors. It is much more durable than veneer yet we advice not to use it as a countertop in your kitchen as they do not transfer heat well as compared to an actual natural stone or wood.


Veneer is a very thin slice of wood that is glued together to core panels in kitchen cabinet designs. The thickness are normally less than 3mm and is a substitute to obtain an authenthic wood feel to cheaper alternatives. Veneer works similarly to Formica except that the material is actually made from real wood while Formica is manufactured from composite materials. After application of Veneer, a finishing of shellec will be applied a couple of times after the gluing process. The drawbacks of using Veneer is that it very be very noticable if there are any scratches as it is just a thin layer of wood covering the actual kitchen cabinet.


Acrylic is used for various Malaysia renovation materials including manufactuing solid surface, laminated acrylic and acrylic paint. It will produce a crystal-like surface with high glossiness and is normally used by customers on a tight budget.

Spray Paint

The most common and inexpensive type of spray paint is often used to decorate a furniture or kitchen cabinet. The effects of producing a high shine while both durable can be enhanced by utilizing the layers with P.U Paint, often with positive feedbacks from our customers as it adds another layer of protection to the kitchen cabinet.