Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia

A good home requires a good kitchen. With modern homes now equipped with built-in kitchen cabinets, many home owners have decided to follow the trend and build it too! Why do you need a kitchen cabinet? Well, first off – organized storage space and a bigger worktop / countertop space to work with for preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner! We have to add by having kitchen cabinet Malaysia, your kitchen will look much more elegant and classy as compared to a traditional one. With choices of stones as countertops now from solid surface, granite, marble, quartz and limestone – you never will run out of choices to choose the optimal choice for your lovely kitchen set!

Do you require advice on which countertop / worktop to choose for your kitchen? Look no further as Solidtop Sdn Bhd is a specialist with over 15 years of experience in installation and providing the best in kitchen cabinet worktop, solid top and countertop. By working with designers or home owners directly, our personnel will be able to provide the best practical advice, stone selection and even custom sizes to match your kitchen cabinet Malaysia set! We also have professional installers who will able to provide the finest quality during installation to fully portray your personality, lifestyle choice and individuality.

Need to custom make kitchen cabinets but still out of idea? Look no more. At LKY Renovation, our experienced personnel will be able to provide practical advice, design as well as custom make built-in cabinets for your kitchen. We have experience carpenters to ensure finest quality and durability is brought to your kitchen!

Having thoughts on what choice to make for kitchen cabinet? Here are a few popular choices in Malaysia for kitchen cabinet that customer often request :-

Classic / Country Styled Kitchen Cabinet Design

The classical look of country homes which reminds one of elegance, timeless beauty and comfort. The overall concept of such kitchen cabinet designs are focused on sophistication and artistry. The designs are normally inspired with ancient Greek and Roman architecture while transforming it to fit modern day use. Invoking the concept through 18th century design into kitchen cabinet Malaysia often makes the kitchen the best feature at home if you are a keen lover of antiquity.

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Contemporary Styled Kitchen Cabinet Design

Contemporary design features clean lines and smooth even surfaces without any carvings or beautifications on the kitchen cabinet woodwork. These are mainly lightly coloured wood which has minimal wood graining paired with selections of clear or frosted glass, stainless steel, nickel or chrome. The main aspect behind a contemporary kitchen cabinet design is the lesser you have, the more better it looks which is easily achievable through careful combination between wood grain and modern materials.

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Modern Styled Kitchen Cabinet Design

Modern style kitchen design came with inspirations based on the industrial revolution. With little to no decor and embellishments that carries the horizontal layout and pattern. Frameless kitchen cabinets with a backless bar stool creates a minimalistic that fully embraces minimalism. Modern design often incorporate bright and bold colors but only at specific areas and only using one color at a time.

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Woodgrain Styled Kitchen Cabinet Design

Wood grain designed cabinets brings inspiration to the natural aspects of mother nature and gives off a heartwarming traditional Asian design. With horizontal stripes of wood grain materials on your kitchen cabinet paired with a dark color selection on quartz or granite, your kitchen will look much broader and will create the illusion of a bigger space. A brilliant way to add movement and dimension to the design while drawing attention to your guests to something that is made naturally and is unconditionally beautiful; a fascinating Zen atmosphere with a warm and stimulating feel.

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