Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia Woodgrain Designs

In Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia woodgrain designs, there are various designs and colour tones to choose from. This can be achieved with laminating Formica on your cabinet plywood doors or using Veneer plywood. If you have a higher budget for renovating your kitchen, you can opt for timberwood or solidwood as they are much more durable.

A summary of what Formica would be is that the material is a high pressured laminated plastic sheet that is made to resemble natural wood or stone. It is manufactured from several layers of kraft paper which is then injected with melamine thermosetting resin under high pressure and heat. After the process, it is coated with a protective layer using melamine and recompressed and reheated to produce a hard and durable surface. It is highly heat resistant and can be wiped clean easily. It also serves as a water resistant layer.

Customers with a better budget can choose to have 3D embossings on their woodgrain kitchen cabinet designs as it makes the Formica looks more like natural wood which can then be maintained easily by coating it with a protective layer of melamine.

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