Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia Modern Designs

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia Modern Designs is an upgoing trend in recent years as more and more homeowners who prefer to have a glossy and high shine kitchen cabinet as their first choice. A shiny glossy look combined with solid colors embraces minimalistic and a step towards the future. A modern kitchen cabinet design is easier to maintain to a classical one as the materials used are easily accesible and multiple options for assembly includes choices of Formica, Spray Painting, Powder Coating (P.U), Acrylic and 3G Glass.

High-gloss Formica is one of the cheaper alternatives as lamination on your kitchen cabinet doors tend to produce visible lines on the edge if you are looking at a close distance. We would advice our customers to use a 3G glass door instead as it is shinier and better than an acrylic material. It is easy to maintain as most stains can be easily wiped off with just a wet cloth and will produce no scratches but do take note that 3G glass doors are heavier due to it’s nature and may break easily if you are not careful.

Now, modern kitchen cabinet designs normally combine acrylic as the main resource to produce the layout. What exactly is acrylic?  Acrylic is a glass like plastic which is also known as poly methacrylate. (PMMA). It is considered as an affordable option due to it’s quality  although it is softer and easier to scratch if not carefully handled. The good point of having acrylic is that the scratches can be easily buffed out with a wet cloth using the right solution at home and is not a hassle to maintain.

Acrylic is also the main material used in producing solid surface counter tops but are pressured and heated under a different environment as compared to a kitchen cabinet set therefore please do not confuse them both. A solid surface acrylic is much more durable to scratches and contains other compounds which are able to modify the properties of the said material into a much more heat resistant surface.

Although if you are looking for a better alternative to solid surface, we would highly recommend quartz as they are unique and cool to the touch – suitable for a minimalistic approach to homes looking for a modern look and is highly resistant to heat, scratches and may last a lifetime.

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