Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia Contemporary Designs

People are often confuse between modern designs and kitchen cabinet Malaysia contemporary designs. In fact, they are not the same as contemporary refers to the current ongoing trend where as the modern design refers to styles that are based on the industrial revolution. Although both design aspects share the common characteristics of lines and angles; emphasizing on grey white and solid colors, contemporary branches out from modern by being a more flexible and contains elements of several design styles in it’s kitchen cabinet layout. Modern design on the other hand is fairly straight forward and rules driven with limited color choices and layout which are much suited if you are approaching a minimalistic layout.

The kitchen cabinet itself combines rounded chair backs with shiny surfaces often using granite or quartz as the countertop and solid top. Distinct color choices with dominant rectengular theme is what makes this style contemporary. Color choices are often natural and neutral looking with a sophisticated blend of sharp angles with rounded corners. Backsplash for kitchen area are endorsed with high glossy surfaces with metallic accents to create a sleek and clean look.

There are no single element or feature that can make your kitchen contemporary as it is a package of integration between different materials and elements which breaks the barrier of rules and restricted layout. It is basically a combination of design features used from the past while integrating the best of today’s material and resources.

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