Kitchen Cabinet Counter Tops

Planning to renovate your kitchen cabinet counter tops space at home? Look no further. Kitchen surface, Counter tops and worktops are the first thought that comes into the interior designer and homeowner’s mind in Malaysia when they are done with the kitchen cabinet area. It is an overwhelming task as many people do not know how to differentiate between Solid Surface, Marble, Granite and Quartz. These are the few selection most commonly used and recommended by installers in Malaysia when customers refer to them. The average lifespan of a kitchen is between 10 – 15 years therefore making the right selection for your home is considered a responsibility to think it over.

Below are a few brief explanations of the various common surface tops which you can purchase from us direct from factory or at an wholesale price if interested.

Quartz Stone

Quartz stone are engineered stones composed of 95% natural quartz particle and binding agents. Once the quartz stone has been naturally mined from its resource location, it is added into an aggregated mix with the binding agents which is combined with liquid resin and colorants. Quartz stones are widely used to make ergonomic and efficient worktop or countertops that will cater to the diverse needs and requirements on kitchen cabinet surface countertops with it’s wide selection of unique styles and preferences. It is one of the most sought after kitchen surface top due to it’s natural composition and sturdiness by homeowners and interior designers in Malaysia. You can read more about Quartz stones by clicking HERE


Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock that is made up of recrystallized carobonate marterials. Most of them commonly consists of dolomite and calcite in it’s structure. This natural rock is an ideal choice for people to choose for to invoke a classy and expensive layout in their home and often incorporate them in flooring tiles, bathroom, and also as kitchen cabinet counter tops. Due to its variety of pattern and color choices, you will never run out of ideas to use marble to decorate your home stylishly. Read more about marble by clicking HERE

Granite Stone

Granite’s natural stone color palette and hard sturdy density makes it an ideal material for your kitchen cabinet counter top. It’s non-porous surface and crystalline structure provides the kitchen with a more sophisticared and elegant look which will make even the most conventional kitchen looks more attractive and elegant. Compared to Quartz stone, Granite is a much more popular option among Malaysia kitchen cabinet home owners although both come from natural stones. To know more on why you should choos Granite as your kitchen cabinet counter top / work top, CLICK HERE

Solid Surface

Solid Surfaces are also an ideal choice for kitchen cabinet counter tops as they can be manufactured easily by combining acrylic resing and aluminium trihydrate (ATH). These surfaces are typically used as kitchen cabinet counter tops, office buildings and industrial places where the material can be easily incorporated to the area especially in the pantry, shelves, display and bar area or bathroom. Solid surface can easily be manufactured into a wide range of design choices from solid colored ones, to some that imitate the looks of natural stone and even some which has dust incorporated into the resin to make it glitter. To learn more about Solid Surface, Click HERE