What You Must Know About Quartz Stones :

Quartz are products of nature or engineered as such, variations are to be expected from batch to batch. Samples may not be representative of the entire order. Quartz slabs on the market currently may be some what different in appeal from samples and cannot be avoided.

Fissures, veining, pit areas : All are natural occurences in quartz stones and add to their unique looks and appeal. Although engineered, no two quartz stones are exactly alike in color. Therefore, the actual product delivered will not be an exact replica of the sample the customer picked earlier in terms of color preciseness. However, 99% of similarity may be offered for engineered quartz stones but not for natural ones.

Caution: Due to the above, customer should agree to view the quartz slab(s) prior to fabrication. If customer chooses not to view product, no claim of dissatisfaction due to variations between the sample seen and actual stone delivered will be accepted.

We highly recommend that all our customers should view their quartz stone slabs prior to confirming their purchase or fabrication. This ensures our customers are happy with their selection and get exactly what they wanted.

When selecting a quartz stone through us, here is what you do:

  1. Select the color and texture of the quartz top. Pick a few choices
  2. Note the code of the quartz, for example; ’QST01 ‘
  3. Contact us and check if those quartz stones you choose are available
  4. If they are available, then pick your best choice for your kitchen or table top