Deciding a Tabletop

Deciding on your marble, granite or quartz kitchen table top ?

  1. Make an appointment for a free consultation with us about your worktop needs.
  2. Your surfacing project starts with a visit to our business partner’s showroom, where you will discover an extensive offering of all the latest worktop materials.
  3. Once you have selected the material that is right for you, our partner designers will help you with finishing touches, such as edge treatments backsplash options, and other design details.
  4. Next, we will visit your premise or home to measure and template your new worktop.
  5. When complete, the templates will be forwarded directly to our partner’s production department where they will begin fabricating your customized worktop.
  6. Your custom worktop will be completely fabricated in our partner’s production plant. Our premium partner’s extensive inventory means no waiting for shipments or delivery lag time.
  7. Next, your worktop will be hand sanded and polished with focused attention to detail. In less than fourteen business days from measuring, it will be ready to install.
  8. We install the finished worktop at your premise or home. Setting a benchmark for quality, our passionate commitment to good workmanship and after-service support will bring your expectations in ways you have never imagined.

Note: If you engage your own worktop fabricator, we will only commence work at Step 8.